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Descend into the haunting depths of the human psyche in ‘Going Down,’ an emotionally charged indie game that takes you on a profound and unforgettable journey. Step into the shoes of Alice, a woman battling trauma and depression, as you embark on a unique guided tour of her troubled past, all within the confines of a mysterious elevator descending to the ground floor.
In ‘Going Down,’ you’ll face the challenge of confronting inner demons and unravelling the complex layers of a troubled mind. As you descend, each floor represents a pivotal moment in Alice’s life, offering deep insights into her struggles and triumphs. The elevator becomes a vessel for self-discovery, with its controls mirroring the choices and emotions that shape the narrative.


Ludum Dare

Going Down” started life as an experimental game jam entry for the Ludum Dare 48 in 2021. The game was simple; the player is bound to the confines of an elevator and must answer an increasingly unsettling series of moral questions in order to determine whether or not they were a good person.

The game, having been made in 72 hours with very little sleep, had rather an obscure story with an unclear meaning, but people enjoyed the entry for its art style and atmosphere. Calls for a full version of the game followed.

Planning and Development

The idea of expanding “Going Down” into a full title was a challenge in itself. How much of the original game would translate into a longer story? How much needed to change in order to engage players for extended play sessions? The concept of a full version of “Going Down” was clearly going to take a lot of care to get right.

The format for the new “Going Down” fell into place by chance. The developer of the original “Going Down“, Luke, began experimenting with an idea for a JRPG style horror game with the working title “Elsewhere“, taking inspiration from the trend of liminal spaces. While struggling with where to take the concept, he decided to add an elevator to the project. It was then that the idea struck him: “Going Down” needed to escape the confines of the elevator and explore a little more of the surrounding story.

Mytholite Games

When “Going Down” started to take shape, Mytholite Games was formed, breaking away from the solo-developer approach and leaving space to expand the team.



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