Going Down

Descend into the haunting depths of the human psyche in ‘Going Down,’ an emotionally charged indie game that takes you on a profound and unforgettable journey. Step into the shoes of Alice, a woman battling trauma and depression, as you embark on a unique guided tour of her troubled past, all within the confines of a mysterious elevator descending to the ground floor.
In ‘Going Down,’ you’ll face the challenge of confronting inner demons and unravelling the complex layers of a troubled mind. As you descend, each floor represents a pivotal moment in Alice’s life, offering deep insights into her struggles and triumphs. The elevator becomes a vessel for self-discovery, with its controls mirroring the choices and emotions that shape the narrative.

Alice’s Descent

Alice has a habit of working late. Work is her distraction. While this is not her first time waking up in the early hours slumped over her desk on the top floor, this would certainly be one to remember.Her journey to the ground floor would be interrupted at every level by glimpses of her past, every memory she had tried to suppress, each thought that kept her up at night; a second chance at choices that had left her with nothing but ‘what-ifs’.
From every bitter-sweet, tear-jerking blast from the past, to her darkest regrets. Unravel the mystery of Alice’s past, find the key to her trauma, and guide her through painful decisions.
The only lingering question- who is our mysterious guide through our tour of Alice’s highs and lows?


  • Every Choice Counts
    Everything you do will be remembered, not just dialogue options, but the way you choose to interact with everything throughout the game. Every choice has consequences, however small. Carefully consider everything you do as you descend through Alice’s traumatic past.
  • Atmosphere
    Going Down earns its horror badge of honour from it’s tense atmosphere and dark themes. We have no need for cheap screaming jump-scares when the mind can be the scariest thing of all.


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Descend into the haunting depths of the human psyche in this horror RPG adventure.

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