Selling Our Own Games

We are launching an experiment with the hopes of giving you the best. Since we already have our own online merch store, it only made sense to us that we should sell our own games here too.

We are trying to figure out how to make this work best for you. We want you to have as many options as possible when it comes to your games. Freedom may be a bit of a taboo word to many companies in the gaming industry, but for us, making as much money as possible is less important than people playing our games.

The plan is to open up sales of our games on our website. A completely DRM free download will be provided to you via our website. We’ve also set up an experimental key delivery, so that you can claim the game over there. Incidentally, owning the game on also grants you a Steam key. If everything works the way we hope, by purchasing your game through our website, you should own the game in three separate places. That way, if you lose access to one platform for any reason, you still have two other options.

You’ll benefit from automatic updates via Steam or the client, as well as DRM free downloads direct from us here.

The system is untested, so we don’t expect it to run perfectly to start with, so if you experience any issues, please report them to us via our support form. (Link pending)

(Obviously, no game will be delivered until release day. Pre-orders are available)

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