Going Down – The Full Version

It’s taken me about 2 years to figure out how I’m going to approach it, but I’ve finally thrown myself head-first into development on ‘Going Down’.

The project this time around started as a challenge to create a 2D horror game without using cheap scares, but make it a genuinely tense experience. The Ludum Dare game achieved this to a certain extent, proving to myself that I could do it, even under the tight time constraints of a game jam.

The full version will be expanded, still being set largely in an elevator, but now opening up onto various ‘floors’ along the way, allowing the player to experience more scenarios within the game.

I’ve reentered development while keeping a quote in mind, a quote from ‘Free Game Planet’ who generously published a write up on the game.

“It does have a few rough edges and it’s unclear whether the answers you give have much of an impact on the outcome, but it’s a great concept that would be perfect for expanding on. It’s a clever setting for a horror game, there’s a nice mixture of moral dilemmas and the voice acting is very well done. A creepy little elevator ride well worth taking.”

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