Making a full version of ‘Going Down’

Support for this game has been heartwarming. This little game I made in less than 72 with very little sleep may have been my most played project ever. Okay, it hasn’t been played by millions of people or made more than the price of a fancy cup of coffee, but it’s my most successful project to date.

In my development live stream, I mentioned more than once that I’d like to develop the concept into a full game. I’d like to realise that wish. I’d like to turn ‘Going Down’ into a full game. I can’t make any promises, but I’m starting the pre-production process now.

Your continued support would be amazing. Every penny contributed by those of you who make the generous decision to tip will go directly toward the development of the game- be that software licensing fees or coffee.

I have taken all feedback into consideration. I’ve listened to what you liked and what you didn’t. I’ve watched every gameplay video on YouTube. I’m looking forward to working on this game.

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