Updated Camera and the Pale Man

I got a lot of really helpful feedback on Reddit regarding the camera and how it tended to whip around at break-neck speeds. It obviously confirmed something I already knew: the camera is not fun.

I wrote and rewrote movement algorithms for the camera for a few days but couldn’t quite make it work. Then I made a small change to how I handled camera movement in the first place and came out with something pretty smooth. For the first time, I found myself playing the game without really noticing the camera movements too much.

Once the camera was moving in a less unacceptable way, I got to work on handling story progression. Basically a way to track where we are in the story, what happens next, and when. Everything is pretty contextual, which allows me to adapt the story depending on certain earlier actions taken by the player.

At this stage, I’m starting to see the game taking shape. All of the moving parts are starting to compliment each other and the finishing line is materialising in front of me. I’m way ahead of schedule at this point, so I’m going to have a lot of polishing time before release if I keep this pace up.

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